Attach to your aero bars

for easy visibility

Automatic Profile Selection

figures out which bike

you’re powering today


Simple to Mount



With any Velocomp power meter there are no special bike wheels, hubs, cranks, or pedals to swap, no sensors to glue to your crank.

And with Newton, you don’t even have to buy and set up a separate bike computer!

Attach your PowerPod or Newton to its mount, pair your device to your ANT+ sensors, then start riding!  After a few minutes of riding your power meter finishes its auto-calibration, and you get accurate power numbers.

After riding use the included Isaac software for Mac/PC to view and analyze your ride, and share your cycling stats on Facebook or Twitter.

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Attach PowerPod to your bike, pair it to your ANT+ sensors and to your ANT+ bike computer, then ride. A single button controls PowerPod, and a 3 color (Red/Yellow/Green) status light makes it easy to know that your PowerPod is set up and operating properly

Only the PowerPod has Dynamic Power SmoothingTM.  With DPS your power numbers are smooth and stable when you’re pedaling at a constant pace, yet jump instantly when you surge.

Watch this short video to see how Dynamic Power Smoothing is superior to old-school power averaging
used by the Garmin 810.

PowerPod power meter

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If you own more than one bike, you can use your PowerPod on all of them!

Attach a PowerPod mount and ANT+ sensor to your extra bike, then do a fast, one-time calibration ride.  You’re ready to ride on your other bike!

And Velocomp’s Automatic Profile Selection figures out which bike you’re riding today, then magically configures your power meter for the ride.  Simple!

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You don’t have to know the length of your crank arm.

You don’t have worry about which brand of pedals you own.

You don’t have to count the number of spokes on your rear wheel.

You don’t have to glue components to your crank, and you don’t have to hang heavy water jugs off your pedals.

Just decide which Velocomp power meter you want, and where you want to mount it on your bike.

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