Team Colombia rides with

The Newton 5

The affordable way

to pace your bike leg


PowerPod and Newton power meters are unquestionably the best values in the marketplace.

Don’t be fooled by “starting at” pricing of direct force power sensors.  These power sensors make you pay another $100 to $900 for the required ANT+ bike computer.  Ouch.

You’ll likely have to spend more and change out your preferred brand of wheels, crank, pedals, or shoes.  OUCH.

And if you want “gold standard” accuracy of both-leg power measurement (who doesn’t?), be aware that “one-leg” power meter sensors will require you to buy, install and calibrate a SECOND power sensor, for the OTHER LEG—at double the price.  OUCH!

Only Velocomp power meter products accurately measure the power of both your legs, without modifying your bike, without compromising your accuracy expectations, and without emptying your wallet.

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